In 1895, three friends met in Downtown Wilmington. They spoke of a need for a woman’s club in the area and soon a group of fifteen young women met to determine the purpose and name of their club. They were interested in a fast-growing club in New York City called “Sorosis” and requested to adopt this name for their club. Permission was granted and North Carolina was placed in front of “Sorosis.”

These are just a few of the accomplishments of the long-standing work of North Carolina Sorosis.

1895North Carolina Sorosis Organizes
1896First North Carolina Club to join General Federation of Women’s Club
1897Begins Wilmington’s First Free Circulation Library
1897Spearheads Drive for Free Public Library, donates Money
1897Presents 1700 Volumes to the City for the New Public
1910Passes Resolution Against Child Labor
1910Urges Compulsory School Attendance Law
1911Succeeds in getting Regulations requiring Screening of Foods
1911Market Inspection Committee Forms
1912Succeeds in Getting Medical Inspections of School Students
1912Endorses Bill to put Women on County School Board
1916Starts first Night School for Mill Workers
1916Starts Sorosis Milk Station at James Walker Hospital
1925Succeeds in getting the City to buy Greenfield Lake for Public Park
1929Starts Weekly Baby Clinic
1929Starts Goodwill Center
1930Equips and Staffs a County Museum in Courthouse
1934Sponsors Fine Arts Festival
1938North Carolina Junior Sorosis Organizes
1943-1945Club houses Red Cross Center
1945Leads Drive for Sale of War Bonds
1951First North Carolina Sorosis UNCW Scholarship
1964Sponsors Wilmington Woman’s Club
1968New Clubhouse constructed on Cardinal Drive
1980Night Department of Sorosis Organizes
1982Buys Lifeline Machine for Cape Fear Hospital
1983-1987Spring Musicals benefit UNC-W Creative Arts Department
1988Mini Musical benefits Thalian Hall Restoration
1990Club Scrapbooks deposited at New Hanover County Library
1995NCS celebrates 100 years of Community Service
2006Establishes UNCW Creative Writing Scholarship
2008Receives 501(c)(3) Public Charities Tax Exempt Status
2008Establishes Cape Fear Community College Nursing Scholarship
2010Co-Host Antique Show & Sale
2011Receives Dollar General’s Literacy Grant for College Park School
2012Establishes Back Pack Program for College Park School
2016Purchase of named seats at CFCC Wilson Center 
2016Establishes UNC-W Education Scholarship
2018Sponsors ABCs of Giving – Domestic Violence Open Gate
2019Contributes $22,081 dollars and $36,368 gifts in-kind into the community
2019Donates Supplies to Charities – Keys To Cleans 
2019Establishes Cape Fear Community College Career and Technical Scholarship
2020Sponsors College Park School – Pearls For Girls
2020Donates $12,163 dollars and $4,031 gift in-kind into the community
2021Sponsors College Park School – Teacher & Staff Appreciation Events
2021Contributes $12,655 dollars and $4,076 gift in-kind into the community
2022Sponsors Boys & Girls Homes of NC
2022Contributes $21,095 dollars and $12,603 gift in-kind into the community
2022Donates to GFWC-NC Project – Mountains-to-Sea Trail
2022Sponsors UNICEF – Ukraine Fund and Donates supplies & clothing to Ukraine